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11. September 2012 15:51
Category: Events

Nano Quarz Wafer establishing a new cooperation with Ways Win Technology Co., Ltd. for China customers.

Langenzenn, Germany, 1st of August 2012: Nano Quarz Wafer establishing a new cooperation with Ways Win Technology Co., Ltd. for China customers.

The increasing customers demand has driven a decision for opening a regional support office in Aisa. This enables us to better understand the customer challenges and offer professional solutions, in local language, local time zones and with an experienced management team on the ground.

About Nano Quarz Wafer

Nano Quarz Wafer is worldwide leading within the production of custom-designed quartz, glass and sapphire wafer products and related services. Nano Quarz Wafer holds its production location in Langenzenn/ Germany, covering its worldwide services and is connecting to its clients via various distribution partners, located in Italy, U.S.A., and Taiwan. Nano Quarz Wafer serves multiple customers, including some of the largest and most advanced semiconductor companies in the world, as well as foundry chip producers and various equipment manufacturers.




Ways Wins Technology Co., Ltd.(鍏勝科技有限公司)
E-MAIL: michael.liu(at)ways-wins.com
Taiwan Cell:+886-933-997-039.
China Cell:+86-139-1037-8635.
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