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22.10.2018 00:00 - Nano Quarz Wafer GmbH (NQW) successful recertified with latest ISO 9001-2015 revision

In September 2018 NQW showed once again that the Quality Management is in line with the...

13.06.2018 00:00 - Update CODE of Conduct - Nano Quarz Wafer GmbH

Beyond the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 we observe in addition the CODE of Conduct from Nano Quarz Wafer....

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Code of Ethics – Nano Quarz Wafer

The General Management approved the Nano Quarz Wafer (NQW) - Code of Ethics on April 29 2017 believing in the importance of clearly defining the values and principles that guide NQW’ s activities in the market.
The complexity of the market situation in which NQW operates, the challenges of sustainable development and the need to take into account the legitimate expectations of all Stakeholder, strengthen the need to clearly define values and responsibilities recognized, accepted, agreed and undertaken by the Company.

Code of Ethics, being of paramount importance the observance thereof by Directors, Auditors, Managers and Company’s Employees, as well as by all those operating in Germany, within the limits of their duties and responsibilities, for the achievement of Company’s goals.
The ethical principles inspiring NQW - and from which its models of conduct derive - in order to effectively and fairly compete in the market, improve the satisfaction of its customers, increase the value and develop People’s skills and the professional growth are following:

•    compliance with the laws;
•    ethics, fairness, professionalism;
•    Impartiality;
•    People's honesty;
•    transparency and completeness of the information.

These are the values that characterize NQW and determine its conduct in both internal and external relations.