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SHE policy of Nano Quartz Wafer GmbH - location Langenzenn

Environment, Health and  Safety: key elements of our company
To minimize the ecological impact of our wafer production, NQW is actively committed to environmental protection, including preventive measures. All our business activities are driven by a strong sense of responsibility for our environment, as well as for the health and the safety of our employees.
For this, an Environmental Management System under DIN ISO 14001:2004 standard has been established. But active environmental protection does not just make demands on us – it brings great benefits to the company such as, for instance, reduced energy consumption, reduced waste-disposal cost, a minimum consumption of chemicals and process gases, enhanced legal compliance and the possibility of identifying saving potentials.
The Health and environmental protection and occupational and plant safety, together with the quality policy, indispensable parts of the corporate activities of the Nano-Quarz Wafer GmbH.

The principals of this are in this document, the so-called "SHE" policy (SHE ~ Safety, Health and Environment) our company noted.

This SHE policy is binding basis of all employment. In the area of health and environmental protection as well as labor and plant safety The following principles apply to us and we set the following objectives to:

• Health and environmental protection and occupational and plant safety are a high commitment for us; they are treated as economic goals of our company.

• Responsibility for the employee (s) who are affected by our activities, we ensure the application of any procedure and programs, and prevention safe occupational health and safety. Our employee (s) of responsibility for themselves and their colleagues (inn) s are aware of and act according to the principles of the SHE policy.

• Health and environmental protection and occupational and plant safety mean to us unconditional act in accordance with the laws, regulations and administrative provisions. Responsibility for employee (s), society and the environment we need Detected without regulatory requirements in attack and put this in addition to responsible action also on the Legal Framework.

• The prevention or reduction of environmental pollution during production, storage, transport and use of our products is the goal and constant challenge of research, development and production.

• Raw materials and recyclable waste is used as much as possible, and energy are used sparingly to protect the environment and conserve resources. With our wastes that are not reusable or recyclable, we provide a legitimate and safe disposal.

• Is the knowledge of our employees through a variety of measures such as Factual information, recurrent training and regular instruction steadily improved.

• We seek an open exchange of information with the authorities and work cooperatively with them to the environmental and safety tasks to be solved.

• We teach our clients fully informed about the environmental and safety features of our products and are constantly working to improve our knowledge about this.

• To achieve our goals we set SHE in our plants a modern, relevant prior art methods and apparatuses and taken into account in our investment policy and our control measures an exemplary professional practice.

• We monitor and regularly review the environmental impact of our operations and use the resulting information to operate the facilities and workplaces so or be optimized so that the environment and health of our employee (s) will be charged as little as possible.

• On environmental, health and labor and plant safety, the principles of our company-wide continuous improvement process are equally as applied to all other activities of the Nano Quartz Wafer GmbH. In the context of Lean Sigma and idea management / KVP we expect and encourage improvement activities of our employees.