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11.01.2018 00:00 - NQW use knowledge-based manufacturing and engineering system to achieving the customer requirements

Our R&D, engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable us to design and manufacture...

31.12.2017 00:00 - Looking forward to 2018

We wish all employees, customers and suppliers a pleasant start into 2018.

04.01.2017 00:00 - NQW`s announces two new major production contracts and succeful qualification

NQW a global wafer technology company, today announces that it has received two new major...

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Reclaim & Processing Service

NQW is the specialist of ultra-precision processing for glass, quartz and saw substrates. We supply the reclaim service for re-use for quartz or saw wafer.

Reclaim & Processing Services for Quartz, Glass & SAW Wafer (2" 300mm)

  • single polishing  and double side polishing  
  • RCA cleaning - 45/ 65 nm cleaning technology
  • frontside and backside grinding down to 45m
  • downsizing quartz and glass Wafer
  • double and single side grinding
  • double and single side lapping
  • lasermark for quartz glass, SAW Wafer / local roughness area for better OCR contrast
  • CNC - edge polishing and grinding
  • customer specific glass/ quartz Wafer structures
  • customer specific glass/ quartz Wafer coating
  • bonding quartz/quartz and Si/quartz
  • etching technology


  • Fused Silica Wafer
  • Fused Quartz Wafer
  • Borofloat33, MEMPax, AF37, AF47, Low Expansion Glass Wafer
  • SAW Wafer: Quartz Crystal, Lithium Tantalate (LiTaO3), Lithium Niobate (LiNO3)

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