Crystal Quartz Wafer

wafer in a box

NQW produced this Quartz disks and substrates for sensor manufacture and related R&D centres. The Application of Quartz disks and substrates are especially used for all kinds of sensor module manufacture such as piezoelectric accelerometers, load cells, pressure transducers and impulse hammers.

NQW materials from the major manufacturers in all grades and specifications. All syntetic quartz offered by NQW is certified by the manufacturers.

Crystal Quartz Material
  • SAW Grade: Orientation AT- or ST-Cut
  • Optical Grade: Orientation X/Y/Z-Cut
  • Pure Z – Q value≥ 2.4x10E6, Q value≥ 1.8 ;2.4; and 3.0x10E6
  • Y -Bar Q-value ≥1.8×106, Etch Channel density ≤300/cm2
Wafer Application
  • Pure Z – for communication
  • Y -Bar for Consumer Electronics
  • Sensor Application
  • quartz blanks for Piezoelectric
Dimension & Thickness
  • Round Wafer 2“ up to 6“
  • Square Wafer 10x10mm up to 100x100mm
  • Thickness: 100µm up to 4000µm
  • Semi Flat(s), Notch
  • Edge: C-Shape, beveled, As Cut
  • TTV <10µm (Standard) up to <5µm (Premium)
  • BOW +/-40µm , WARP <40µm
Surface & Quality
  • Surface Finish: Single / Double Side Polished, Lapped, Grinded
  • S/D-Quality 60/40 (Standard) up to 10/5 (Premium),
  • Polished Ra<1nm (Standard) up to <0.5nm (CMP)
  • Lapped Ra 0.1µm up to 0.5µm

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