Optical Components


coating on a wafer closeup

A Optical Filter will use for selectively transmit light of different wavelengths. Optical Filters are used to control the spectral content of a light beam, attenuate unwanted light and pass wanted light.

NQW GmbH provides a diverse range of wavelength selective coatings, including bandpass filters, long wave and short wave pass filters and notch filters. Filters are also often described by their function, as well as their structure.

Filter Material and Types
  • Schott: B270, N-BK7
  • Silicon, Fused Silica, other Materials on Request
  • Bandpass Filters
  • LWP/SWP Edge Filters
  • Bulk Material Filters or Coatings
Wafer Application
Optical filters are utilized in a massive range of optical systems, from automatic number plate recognition systems to fluorescence microscopy, from gas detection to lighting design.Uses of our optical filters span Medical, Defence, Industrial, Commercial, Electronics, Research and Entertainment markets and many sectors and applications.
Dimension & Surface
  • Diameter Tolerance:+0.0/-0.1mm
  • Thickness Tolerance:±0.1mm
  • Parallelism:<3′
  • Surface Quality:60/40
Filter Parameters
  • Cut-off Wavelength(nm): customizable
  • T Wavelength(nm): customizable
  • Peak Transmittance : customizable
  • Center Wavelength tolerance +/-2nm CWL,
  • FWHM 10nm

Optical Windows

Optical Window: optically flat, high precision polishing of the optical glass into a relatively parallel way. Each of them have a AR coating to improve the transmission rate in display from UV to IR light.

We supply a range of optical windows in a selection of materials to meet all scientific instrument applications from UV-Visible and NIR wavelengths.

coated optical components
Window Material
  • Schott: B270, N-BK7
  • Fused Silica from different suppliers
  • Ge, ZnSe, Sapphire or MgF
Wafer Application
  • Laser Systems with high flatness and surface requirements
  • Protection Laser optical Systems
  • Optical Measurement Systems
Dimension & Thickness
  • Round Wafer 4mm up to 400mm
  • Thickness 500µm up to 10000µm
  • Thickness Tolerance: min. +0/- 10µm
  • Dimension Tolerance: min +0/- 0,1mm
  • Edge: C-Shape, beveled
Surface & Quality
  • Surface Finish: Single / Double Side Polished
  • S/D-Quality 60/40 (Standard) up to 10/5 (Premium),
  • Polished Ra<1nm (Standard) up to <0,5nm (CMP)
  • Parallelism: Standard: < 20 arcmin ; High<5 arcsec
  • Flatness: Standard: <Lambda; High: < L/20
  • Flatness @632,8nm: L/10-L/20@632,8 over CA

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