LT and LN wafer – New CMP & Reclaim Process

Lithium tantalate wafer in recent years, with the rapid development of communications, information industry development and industrialization of new optoelectronic materials. It has excellent piezoelectric electromechanical coupling coefficient, low loss, high temperature stability, and good high-frequency performance, electro-optical and thermoelectric properties.

NQW developed a etching and chemical mechanical polishing process for structure wafer of lithium tantalate, by measuring the lithium tantalate wafer surface roughness and the material removal rate under different etching and polishing conditions, detailed analysis of the material and the state of the polishing pad , the polishing pressure , polishing discs the influence of speed, abrasive types and granularity, polishing liquid composition of several factors on the polished surface quality and material removal rate.


Lithium Niobate and Tantalate wafers

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