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Fused Silica (SiO2) Wafer e.g. diffusor application

Fused silica is a noncrystalline (glass) form of silicon dioxide (quartz, sand). It lacks long range order in its atomic structure. Its highly cross linked three dimensional structure gives rise to it’s high use temperature and low thermal expansion coefficient.

This material is widely used in semiconductor, medical science, communications, lasers, infrared, electronics, measuring instruments, military, aerospace and others high-tech industry.

NQW materials from the major manufacturers in all grades and specifications. All fused silica offered by NQW is certified by the manufacturers.

Wafer Dimension

  • SEMI Wafer - 2" up to 300mm
  • square Wafer 10x10 mm up to 200 x 200 mm
  • Thickness 150µm up to 2000µm

Wafer Properties

  • Surface: single side polished, double sides polished
  • Good UV transparency
  • Very good chemical inertness
  • Other parameter are customized

Fused Silica Material

  • Corning: e.g. HPFS 7980, Eagle XG
  • Nikon
  • JGS1, JGS2, JGS3
  • Heraeus: e.g. Herasil


  • High temperature lamp envelopes
  • Temperature insensitive optical component
  • Mirrors in highly variable temperature regimes
  • Microwave and millimeter wave components
  • Diffusor for Lighting