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LT & LN Wafer e.g. for SAW and Optical Application

The basic principle of SAW devices is the generation of elastic surface waves from electrical signals and their reconversion. The substrate material is a piezoelectric crystal such quartz (SiO2), lithium tantalate (LiTaO3) or lithium niobate (LiNbO3). This are single crystal materials, which are cut out after the growth process with a defined orientation to a wafer.

NQW produced this wafer for SAW manufacture and R&D centres. Please find below typical specification requirements.




Wafer Dimension

  • 4" up to 6" Wafer
  • Square 10x10mm or other
  • Thickness 250µm up to 500µm

Wafer Properties

  • Surface: single side polished, double sides polished
  • Transmissivity, Curie Temperature,
  • SAW grade
  • Optical grade
  • Other parameter are customized


  • LT: Lithiumtantalat (LiTaO3)
  • LT: typical cutting X112°Y/36°Y/42°Y/48°Y
  • LN: Lithiumniobat (LiNbO3)
  • LN: typical cutting 128°Y/64°Y /41°Y /YZ-cut


    The Application of SAW devices are especially used in mobile phones as dielectric filters band-pass filter, RF filter and IF filter. broadband filters, include radar technology, remote controls for home electronics,