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Optical Components: Windows / Lens / Filter Service

Window: We supply a range of optical windows in a selection of materials to meet all scientific instrument applications from UV-Visible and NIR wavelengths.
Lenses: Lenses are used primarily to focus or diverge light, either as a single component or as part of a larger array. Convex lenses focus light to a point, whereas concave lenses diverge light away from the source.
Filter: Optical Filters are used to control the spectral content of a light beam, attenuate unwanted light and pass wanted light. There are two major types of optical filter, absorption and interference.


Technology Notes:
  • Diameter Tolerance: +0,0/-0,1mm
  • Thickness Tolerance: +/-0,1mm
  • Parallelism:<3'
  • Surface Quality:60/40
  • Cut-offWavelength(nm):Custom
  • T Wavelength(nm):Custom
  • Peak Transmittance :Custom


Technology Notes:
  • Diameter Tolerance:+0.0/-0.01mm
  • Thickness Tolerance:±0.05mm
  • Surface Accuracy:λ/10@632.8nm
  • Surface Quality:20/10
  • Centration:<3′
  • Clear Aperture:>90%
  • Coating:AR or customer design


Technology Notes:
  • Diameter Tolerance:+0.0/-0.01mm
  • Thickness Tolerance:±0.05mm
  • Surface Accuracy:λ/4
  • Parallelism:<1'
  • Surface Quality:40/20
  • Clear Aperture:>90%
  • Coating:AR & Custom Design

Material Overview

  • Windows-Material:ZnSe,CaF2,Fused silica,H-K9L,Sapphire
  • Lens-Material:N-BK7, UV Fused Silica, N-SF11, Zinc Selenide, Calcium Fluoride, Silicon
  • Filter-Material:B270 or N-BK7