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04.01.2017 00:00 - NQW`s announces two new major production contracts and succeful qualification

NQW a global wafer technology company, today announces that it has received two new major...

20.02.2016 00:00 - NQW today announced that it has a new geometry instrument and DIC microscope successfully installed.

NQW today announced that it has a new geometry instrument and DIC microscope successfully...

10.07.2015 13:49 - Lithium tantalate wafer - New CMP & Reclaim Process

Lithium tantalate wafer in recent years, with the rapid development of communications, information...

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Integrated Management System/ QM

Nano Quarz Wafer quality systems allow us to offer premium services in all areas of quality.
The certification of our management system is completed.

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (quality management system)
  • DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 (environmental management system)

Beyond the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 we observe in addition the usual requirements of the ISO/TS 16949:2009. 

Our employees are trained regarding these norms and work correspondingly in the production and the system processes.

As a result, this system enables Nano Quarz Wafer to track down every single wafer produced within the company at any work in process or even shipping stage.

Additional, the company uses a manufacturing execution and quality managements system (Integrated Management System 2.0) optimized for the necessities of a high quality operation.

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