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21.10.2019 00:00 - Polyimid Film Removal of Glass Wafer - Reclaim Process

NQW developed a reclaim process for Glass wafer with multi-layer, structured Polyimid (PI) Films...

21.02.2019 00:00 - 100um Thin Glass and Quartz Wafer available

NQW has developing a process to produce 100um Thin Borofloat33 and Quartz Wafer, and the transfer...

22.10.2018 00:00 - Nano Quarz Wafer GmbH (NQW) successful recertified with latest ISO 9001-2015 revision

In September 2018 NQW showed once again that the Quality Management is in line with the...

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Innovations are most important at Nano Quarz Wafer. We are passionate about developing new technologies and process know-how. Together with our partners as well as in collaboration with renowned Universities we are researching the technologies of tomorrow.

Our target: to be one step ahead, in order to provide you with the highest quality of quartz and glass wafer products.

NQW developed CMP & Reclaim Process for Lithium tantalate wafer

NQW developed a etching and chemical mechanical polishing process for structure wafer of lithium tantalate, by measuring the lithium tantalate wafer surface roughness and the material removal rate under different etching and polishing conditions, detailed analysis of the material and the state of the polishing pad , the polishing pressure , polishing discs the influence of speed, abrasive types and granularity, polishing liquid composition of several factors on the polished surface quality and material removal rate.

NQW developed a next level egde process with high accuracy.

The continuous improvement of the production capabilities and the increasing the technology Roadmap, NQW GmbH developed and built, together with the company PAS Ing mbH, www-pas-ing.com, an edge processing equipment. The heart of this system is a conventional CNC, which working with a own developed image processing software. The different substrate geometry and edge specifications can be detected automatically and accurately, without set-up process. As final quality of the edge geometries it is possible to lapping or polishing the edge surfaces.

A new QR-Code-Systems improved the integrated management of NQW GmbH

The Manufacture Execution System, the production control and the integrated management system of Nano Quartz Wafer GmbH were continuous improved by a QR-Code-System. All functional areas: quality, production and procurement are controlled and monitored via the QR code system. The easy availability of all the necessary information for a complete production process is a key role. Special attention here is the customer order coordination and compliance with the requirements of ISO TS 16949:2009.

  • Features and Information:
    • Cleanroom paperless
    • Single wafer / part tracking and tracing including customer specifications
    • Work plan and control plan information for each customer
    • Customer Order Status / Linked to ERP system
    • SPC Charts and QM relevant reports at any time available
    • Production carrier, equipment, sparparts & production store management, intanet quicklinks etc..

As device for reading and writing modern tablet PC and camera to be used! All internal NQW production apps and web-based applications are easy to use on these devices.


Clusteranalysis / Macro Inspection of scratches and edge defects for quartz/ glass and sapphire substrate.

  • No knowledge about the number of clusters or the domains necessary
  • Optimized to scanning scratches and edge defects of quartz/ glass substrate
  • Expansions: e.g. dynamic adjustment of the area and form of the scan area.


New substrates to meet the challenges of the OLED-production

Nano Quarz Wafer substrates have a solid track record
The products developed by Nano Quarz Wafer are the result of extensive research, development and testing - and they have already established themselves as the substrate of choice for OLED applications. With a total thickness variation of less than 2 micrometres and a roughness of less than .3 nanometres, they exceed the required quality standards by a multiple factor. To illustrate what these figures mean: the thickness variations on the surface of a substrate are on average just one 30th the thickness of a human hair; and.3 nm is equal to a third of a millionth of a millimetre (or about 30 angstroms or 10 atom layers), or a third of a ten-thousandth of the thickness of a human hair. Nano Quarz Wafer substrates are characterised by extremely high chemical purity and outstanding transmission behaviour across the spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet.

The knowledge and expertise that go into our solutions for the OLED market are just one example of the innovative drive at Nano Quarz Wafer. Our goal: to get customers and partners excited about the possibilities with high-quality, high-performance substrates for the most diverse applications.