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21.02.2019 00:00 - 100µm Thin Glass and Quartz Wafer available

NQW has developing a process to produce 100µm Thin Borofloat33 and Quartz Wafer, and the transfer...

22.10.2018 00:00 - Nano Quarz Wafer GmbH (NQW) successful recertified with latest ISO 9001-2015 revision

In September 2018 NQW showed once again that the Quality Management is in line with the...

13.06.2018 00:00 - Update CODE of Conduct - Nano Quarz Wafer GmbH

Beyond the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 we observe in addition the CODE of Conduct from Nano Quarz Wafer....

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Technology Notes

Geometric features and the surface have a high importance for the Wafer-Quality. Special Parameters are used for the description of the surface, like GBIR, SFQR, Flatness, Roughness or Nanotopology. Global Geometry is described through Bow, WARP, Thickness, Thickness fluctuations (TTV).


  • Thickness:  100 µm +/- 5µm
  • Diameter: 4" bis  300mm  +/- 0.2mm
  • Bow < 20µm
  • Warp < 20 µm
  • TTV (GBIR) < 2 µm 
  • LTV < 0,4 µm (5x5mm2)
  • SFQRmax (26x8mm, 90% PSA) < 0,5µm
  • Nanotopography< 30nm
  • Edge: c-shape, ground edge,  Semi Standard M001-1105 E

Final Surface:

  • CMP Final Polish Process
  • Surface metal contamination: Cr, Cu, Fe, Ni, Al, Ca,  K, Na, Zn <1 E 10/cm2
  • Micro Scratches/digs: None
  • Ra: <0,2 nm (polished)- AFM Measured
  • Ra: 0,1 - 2,0 µm (lapped)
  • Lasermarking  (T7/OCR) SEMI M1
  • Clean Room Environment ISO 4 & 6

Analytic Capabilities

  • Bulk analytics:Bulk contamination for inorganic materials with high resolution GDMS (Glow Discharge Mass Spectroscopy)
  • Stress measurements on blanket Si-wafers with SIRD-Tool (Scanning InfraRed Depolarization)
  • Surface analytics:
    • surface contamination with VPD & ICPMS
    • Global and site Flatness (GBIR, SFQR, ...)
  • High Intensity Inspection Lights, Manual Microscopes, 
  • Autocollimators, Polariscope